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Sweatcoin Review: I Earned Just $1.46 in One Month (I’m Active)

Sweatcoin is one of those apps that isn’t a scam, but it’s also not a viable way to make money. I’ll be as balanced as possible in my review because I’m not a huge fan of Sweatcoin, but it does work and some people are making money from it. There are better ways to spend your time (and get more money).

I’m a very active person, and my numbers would’ve been higher, but I didn’t bring my phone with me for my runs. I assumed my steps would be auto-counted with my Apple Watch, but they weren’t.

After one month of use, I came away with just 146.08 Sweatcoins (SWC), which is the equivalent of $1.46 in real money.

Even if all my steps were counted, I would’ve come away with 600 SWC, the equivalent of $10.

Read on to see if Sweatcoin is worth your time, and what prizes you can redeem your points for.

What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is an app that pays you just for walking. That’s right, you can shed pounds and make money at the same time. If that isn’t incentive enough to start a fitness routine, then I don’t know what is. While the rates might change, you get about 1 SWC (Sweatcoins) for every 1,000 steps.

I’ll get onto what 1 SWC is worth later, don’t worry about that now. There are rewards you can spend your SWC on.

While the app is running you’ll notice that it plays ads. This funds Sweatcoin itself and there’s no way to turn the ads off. Whenever the app is on it will track your steps and add SWC to your account after completing 1,000 steps.

SWC Limits and Memberships

There are several membership levels with Sweatcoin that limit how many SWC you can get per day. The free Mover account allows you to earn a maximum of 1 SWC per day and 30 SWC per month.

All of the other accounts are paid and take SWC from your account at the end of the month. 

  • The Shaker account lets you earn 3 SWC per day and 90 SWC per month at the cost of 1 SWC per month.
  • The Quaker is 5 SWC per day and 150 SWC per month at the cost of 6 SWC per month.
  • The Breaker is 20 SWC per day and 600 SWC per month at the cost of 
  • 12 SWC per month.

In the next section, I’ll cover what 1 SWC is worth and you can see if it’s really worth your time.

Sweatcoin Value

You’ve been running and walking your butt off and sweating buckets, you have to be making some serious bucks, right? Not exactly. It takes about 60 SWC to equal $1. That means 1 SWC is worth about a penny To further illustrate how little you’re making, let’s talk about the maximum you can make with each account.

  • The free account gives you a maximum of $0.50/month (equivalence) for over 150,000 steps (remember, 1,000 steps equal 1 SWC).
  • The Shaker account gives you $1.50/month (equivalence) for 300,000 steps.
  • The Quaker account gives you $2.50/month (equivalence) for 450,000 steps.
  • The Breaker account gives you $10/month (equivalence) for 600,000 steps.

Again, Sweatcoin does work, but I hope you understand that you’re putting in lots of effort for a paltry reward. Also, remember that this is the maximum. Depending on which reward you pick, each SWC might be worth significantly less (even down to a penny).

Getting More Sweatcoins

You don’t have to sweat or walk for every SWC. They have “Daily Rewards” that allow you to instantly get 1 SWC for watching an ad. It’s simple and it’s how Sweatcoin makes most of its money. They are banking on people watching ads and not accumulating enough SWCs to get any rewards.

If you’re smart, then you can use this app to get some extra money, but not a huge amount.

How to Use Sweatcoin App

The Sweatcoin app is like any other pedometer or walking tracker. That being said, the app must be active and on you to record your steps. It will stop tracking if you accidentally close the app off or leave it at home. You might be sweating and done with your 1,000+ steps, but that doesn’t mean each step was recorded.

However, outside of that, the app is very easy and the coins do transition well into the account. It’s rare for there to be any problem collecting your coins if you’ve done everything right (unlike online surveys that often try to prevent you from collecting money).

Things I Love

  • It actually does work. It’s way more effort than it’s worth, but they are honest and you really do earn whatever SWCs it promises.
  • It gives you an incentive to exercise. If you’re going to do the extra walking anyway, then why not get paid for it?
  • The app is easy to use.
  • Occasionally, there are $1,000 PayPal and Amazon gift cards available for 20,000 SWC (making one SWC worth $0.05 instead of $0.01). While 20,000 SWC will take a few years to obtain, these gift cards are a much better value than the normal prizes.

Things I Hate

  • Their low-level rewards for free trials of subscriptions are basically just ads. The offers can be found with a Google search without costing you your SWCs.
  • The rewards are terrible and hard to obtain. Usually, your choices for prizes something like a 4K action cam or a pair of wireless headphones for around 9,000 SWC.
  • How hard is it to get to 9,000 SWC? You would need to walk 20,000 steps for 15 months straight without taking a day off. And all of this effort is to get $150 headphones that you probably wouldn’t want otherwise.
  • They might be honest, but you are earning very little for your invested time and effort. They are banking on people watching ads and never using their SWC, meaning net gains for them
  • The app must be on you at all times with the app active.
  • I use my Apple Watch to track my runs and leave my phone at home, but Sweatcoin doesn’t count my steps from Apple’s Activity app. To get your steps counted during a run, you need to start a separate workout with the Sweatcoin Apple Watch app.

The Final Word

I can’t call Sweatcoins a scam because they really do pay people and the app doesn’t try to trick you. Also, if you’re going to walk anyway, then you might as well get money for it. If you want to use this as an incentive to start working out, then go for it. Besides, your improved health will pay for itself in lower medical bills, insurance rates, and just feeling better.

However, if you’re downloading Sweatcoin to get rich, I can’t endorse it. You’ll get sweaty with the hundreds of thousands of steps, but you won’t make much from it. There are much better ways to spend your time and effort than literally walking for pennies.